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New Moon - Shamanic Sounds (Sananga - Yin Yoga - Sound Journey)
$62.15 for 1 month
($55.00 base + $7.15 tax)
Join Laura and Nicole for this Shamanic Sounds Journey on the Scorpio New Moon March 1st from 6:30 - 9pm.
This will be a very unique experience where you will be taken on a guided journey inward with the support of the plant medicine, Sananga, body awareness meditation, Yin Yoga and Shamanic Sacred Sounds. This will be a very specific experience, bringing in the shamanic elements of rattle, drum and jungle music during the yoga, as well as, a crystal bowl journey with channeled vocals during savasana.
The Plant Medicine Sananga is a non-psychedelic eye drop from the Amazon and traditionally used for hunting and to clear and heal one's vision, both on the physical and spiritual planes. It sharpens one's ability to see and sense their outer and inner world; decalcifying the pineal gland, opening the energy centers and bringing the body into homeostasis.
Being a fire medicine, Sananga brings a spicy, but safe and grounding experience. The spirit of this plant calls you to surrender to the intensity of sensation and allow it to open you up to a greater capacity to feel into and be WITH the moment and your highest truth.
Starting our evening with seeding our new moon intentions for the month, sharing circle, Sananga, Yoga and sound, this flow allows for the release of any stagnant or stuck emotions to move freely.
Our hope is that you find a profound presence within yourself and open up to the magic of BEing in your human body, feeling centered, grounded and alive.
The Flow:
6:30 - Arrival & Opening Circle & Intention Setting
7:00 - Guided Meditation, Sananga & Yin Yoga
8:10 - Crystal Bowl & Vocal Journey
8:40 - Sharing & Closing Circle
9:00 - Departure
What to Bring:
Journal & pen
Water bottle
Yoga mat (if you want to bring your own)
Anything else extra you want to bring to be cozy during the sound journey (Yoga mats, bolsters and blankets will be provided)
$55 (please do not hesitate to reach out for sliding scale pricing if you require financial support)
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