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Brain Spa Workshop
$45.20 for 1 day
($40.00 base + $5.20 tax)
1 passes during the membership period
In its new incarnation as a 1.5 hour workshop, BrainSpa starts with a 15 minute gentle flowing movement practice to get your body, mind and soul ready for a 1 hour guided meditation followed by a 15 minute debrief where students have the option to discuss their experiences in the class.
The one hour guided meditation is based on the combination of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Yogic imagery that was in the original class. If you are feeling the stress of our current world this class is for you. It is intended to bring your body and mind into a relaxed healing state. We all need more of that these days.
1.5 hrs
40$ (includes tax)
15 mins slow flow movement practice
1 hr hypnotic meditation
15 mins group debrief
Guest Instructor: Liza Ingram
Liza Ingram has been a hypnotist since 2009 and taught BrainSpa and CoreCrush at Moksha Yoga Peterborough for 8 years before it’s transformation into Peterborough Yoga Wellness Centre. She is a mom, musician, writer, pole dancer and artist as well as a hypnotist.
Follow Liza on Instagram @shadow_dancer_
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